2018 Archived Links

May 2018

EXCLUSIVE:  Foxconn Groundbreaking Date Set For June 28

Watch Viral Video Of Jordan Peterson Defending Free Speech And Attacking Speech Codes

Jordan Peterson Brilliantly Debunks Left Wing Hecklers And Free Speech Opponents (Warning; Vulgar Language Contained)

EXCLUSIVE:  WIAA To Consider Steps To Prevent Felons From Playing High School Sports

EXCLUSIVE: Waukesha County Court Commissioner Molly Jasmer Again Sets Absurdly Low Bail For Repeat Criminal

It’s Here!!  Check Out Exclusive Video Of Tom Barrett’s “New” Streetcar

April 2018

EXCLUSIVE:  Major Reductions Considered For Milwaukee’s St. Joseph Hospital

EXCLUSIVE: Sex Criminal Given Soft Sentence By Dallet Taken Into Custody Thursday Night

Leniency Run Amok: A Decade Of Committing Crimes And Getting Away With it In Milwaukee And Waukesha Counties

Hack Off A Liberal:  Join The NRA

Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander Accuses Fellow Board Member Steve Taylor Of Bullying, Goon-Like Behavior

“San Francisco Values” Rebecca Dallet Takes Down Endorsement Page After Defections, Replaces It With Photo Of San Francisco!

Incumbent State Treasurer Explains Why He Wants Voters To Eliminate The Position

Wisconsin DNR Refuses To Answer Question About Upside Down US Flag At Milwaukee Offices


February 2018

Oops, They Did It Again! ANOTHER Menomonee Falls Subsidized Development May Be Going Bust

Supreme Court Candidate Rebecca Dallet Gave Attempted Cop Killer Probation

Roseanne Is Back…..And She Voted For Trump

Watch Billy Graham In His Prime: Epic Sermon At Chicago’s McCormick Place

Archbishop Listecki: Florida School Shooting And Similar Acts A Result Of Loss Of God In American Lives

Sammy and Kurt (BoDeans) Hate Each Other Even More Now Than Before

The Other Side Of The BoDeans Battle

Read Mark’s Column On The Lost Generation In A Godless Non-Judgmental World

Brutal Beat: Mark’s Hayabusa One, Survivor of December Lilac Fire, Just Misses At 14-1 In Grade 2 Horse Racing Stakes At Santa Anita (Check Out Amazing Photo Finish And Race Video)

Scandal In Appleton:   Attorney Funnels Expo Center Financing To Private Banks Who Charged High Interest Rates

Here’s The State Department Of Justice Investigation Into Dysfunction In Ozaukee County Courthouse

LISTEN: Reince Priebus Wide-Ranging Interview with Mark

Read The State DOJ Report Into The Illegal John Doe Leaks


January 2018

Check Out Mark’s Picks On The World’s Richest Horse Race—-The Pegasus World Cup

More Proof The “COMPAS” System State Corrections Department Uses Is Worthless: No Better At Predicting Repeat Criminal Behavior Than Average Citizens

CNN’s Fake News Acosta Lied About Being Yelled At In White House

Uline Corporation Owner Is Spending Multi-Millions Trying To Buy Wisconsin Senate Seat For Kevin Nicholson

Choose Love, Bill!  Mark Asks Loudmouth Liberal Penzey To Share His Tax Cut By Giving Raises To His Employees

CVS Sells “Hanukkah” Cards And “Monday December 25” Cards But No Christmas Cards

CVS “Explains”  Non-Use Of “Christmas” In Card Display

Use This Calculator To See How The Tax Bill Affects You

EXCLUSIVE: Marquette, Gesu Church Clash Over Elimination of Church Parking Lot

EXCLUSIVE: Nashotah Pays Ransom After Village Voting, Employment Records Hacked

Read The State DOJ Report Into The Illegal John Doe Leaks

EXCLUSIVE: State Can’t Offer Sports Betting Even If US Supreme Court Strikes Down National Ban (All Because Of Jim Doyle’s Potawatomi Sellout)

EXCLUSIVE:  Bucks Want Milwaukee Theatre Torn Down