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EXCLUSIVE: Menomonee Falls Superintendent Tells Friend He Intends To Change High School Name To “Falcons;” Says If Name Doesn’t Change, He Will Quit 

The Couture Wouldn’t Be The First Barrett-Lo Project That Didn’t Get Done

EXCLUSIVE:  Accused Vape Cartridge Kingpins Released On Bail, Even As Mayor Barrett Says Their Arrest Makes City Safer

Crazy Penzey Is The Second Largest Facebook Advertiser On Impeachment Issue (More Than Any Politician, Except Trump!)

EXCLUSIVE: Couture STILL Hasn’t Paid Property Taxes

EXCLUSIVE: Couture High Rise Property Site Taxes Are Delinquent; Barrett and Lo Owe $390,000

EXCLUSIVE:  West Bend Mayor’s Construction Company Hired To Do Major Development Project On Land Sold By City For $1

Ever-Obstructive Menomonee Falls School District Charges $180 For Simple Records Release

Menomonee Falls Residents: Send This To Your School District

EXCLSUIVE:  Why Is A Wisconsin Government Agency Approving Municipal Junk Bonds For Other States????

EXCLUSIVE: Convicted Felon Released By Mistake By Corrections Facility In Milwaukee

EXCLUSIVE: Morales Likely To Be Reappointed Milwaukee Police Chief, But With Limited Term

Dawn Of The Belling “Grand Babies” 

Lunatic Congressman Rashida Tlaib Accuses Vicki McKenna Of Lying Under Oath And Engaging In Conspiracy By Winking

MPS Special Education Referral Document Spells “Edication” Wrong…And Has Since 2016!

EXCLUSIVE:  Milwaukee Credit Rating Lowered For Second Time This Year (No Local Media Will Report This)

EXCLUSIVE:  Politically Connected “Developer” Given Risky $9 Million Milwaukee Loan Is A Longtime Deadbeat With A String Of Debt Collection Lawsuits, Many From The City Itself

Apparently We’re Not Lenient Enough: Alberta Darling And Michael Schraa Want To Let Even More Criminals Out Of Prison


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